About Hotel Del Lago

After the collapse of Hotel Tenlu due to 921 Earthquake in 1999, a total of around 400 million dollars was invested in the planning of an 8-storey building at the former Hotel Tenlu site. The eco-friendly building decorated with aboriginal totems is equipped with 88 large guest rooms and restaurants that offer Chinese and Western cuisines. With its wave-like façade, the building is a perfect representation of contemporary and trendy minimalist style. After 4 years of tedious reconstruction, the brand-new “Hotel Del Lago” opened in July of 2005 as a star-rated tourist hotel. Sitting next to Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan’s most well-known sight-seeing spot, Hotel Del Lago has received a wide acclamation from tourists all over Taiwan and the rest of the world with its top-notch facilities and affordable price since its re-opening over the years ago.
Hotel Del Lago is conveniently situated at the most crowded commercial district of Sun Moon Lake where many restaurants that sell local specialties and souvenir shops congregate; in addition, Sun Moon Lake is located right behind the hotel with Shueishe Wharf only 50m away. With its excellent geographical location, the hotel is the only hotel in the Sun Moon Lake area that offers a panoramic view for watching Sun Moon Lake’s morning mist, breath-taking dusk, far-stretching mountains and kaleidoscopic sky.
All rooms are equipped with a 32” LCD TV. All lake-view rooms are equipped with an outdoor balcony so guests may enjoy Sun Moon Lake’s breath-taking beauty along with other great sceneries of Sun Moon Lake such as Cien Pagoda, Syuentzang Temple, Syuenguang Temple, Lalu Island…etc. Visitors will fall in love with Sun Moon Lake as they take a moment off and enjoy a piece of quietness away from the city’s hustle and bustle here at Hotel Del Lago. Other famous attractions include 1020m-high Maolan Mountain, which is also the home of Taiwan’s famous Assam black tea, and “autumn moon view”, an internally-renowned tourist attraction listed as one of Taiwan’s 8 Great Wonders and China’s 10 Great Wonders.

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