The stroll cats Lan Shan

The Stroll Cats Lan Shan, which located in north of Sun Moon Lake, 1020 meters above sea level, is the ideal location to overlook Sun Moon Lake and watch the sunrise. Planted tea tree next to enter from the the 21 line Mingtan junior, along the mountain roads, refreshing green scenery, at the entrance of the right side, there are a few Japanese-style buildings of the old log cabin, it is the old quarters of the tea Improvement Station. The county one of the government-designated historic buildings, quaint looks impressive. Move on the hillside at the office of the Tea Research and Extension Station fishpond breakout. In office, you can see the whole view of Sun Moon Lake.

There is a three-story wooden building in Tea Improvement Station that is the legacy of the old factory of the Japanese colonial period, quite elegant simplicity, but also one of the county-designated historic buildings. Next to a new tea culture exhibition hall, show the tea all relevant information, and after the visit, it will be more realize tea culture.

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